Issue no.02 — On Sale Now

Issue Two of Kindling is out now! In THE BODY ISSUE () we’re looking at how parents and caregivers can get children to feel good about their bodies. Inside, we answer children’s most curious questions about farts, burps and baby teeth and interview the Swedish social worker who successfully campaigned for her country to adopt the word “snippa”—a neutral term to replace the many euphemisms used for female genitals. In our fashion shoots we’re making DIY hi-vis outfits and customizing crutches, wheelchairs and casts. Plus: An interview with leading child psychologist and philosopher Alison Gopnik, a deep dive into Daddy Pig’s parenting style, a free pull-out A-Z poster, and an activities section for zero-stress fun with kids! Stay up to date by following us on Instagram.

Inside Issue No.2